Intro Script for Mindfulness Practices

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

When people want to share mindfulness with others, it can be intimidating to know where to start. You can use this basic script as an introduction for any mindfulness practice in which you are guiding others. You can even use this to guide yourself, perhaps by recording yourself in advance reading it aloud.

So, without further ado...

Let's start our mindfulness practice by assuming a mindful posture, one that reflects awakeness and awareness. You can sit up straight and tall, head facing forward, body limp and loose. Put your feet flat on the floor, or just straight in front of you. Chin parallel with the ceiling. You can open your hands, palms facing upwards, if you’d like. It just helps us to be open and comfortable like this so we can be open to anything we are about to experience. You can choose to close your eyes during this practice if it helps you to be more mindful, and you can choose to focus your eyes on one single point, low down, so your eyes are almost closed, but not quite. You can look at your desk or your hands or your lap. Now just noticing your breath, just bringing your quiet awareness to your breath coming in and leaving you, noticing that it is always with you, and checking in with yourself. Do not necessarily try to change anything, just notice what is, like a journalist or a critic might observe a play or an event with nonjudgmental observations and descriptions, merely noticing without placing our interpretations or beliefs on the things we are observing. Noticing the urge to shift and change without necessarily acting on that urge. Noticing how your breath can serve to anchor your attention as it is consistently present in your life.

With that, you can flow into any other practice you choose! Happy mindfulling!

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