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I’m Dr. Chaya Lieba Kobernick and I care a lot about giving frum women and girls the opportunity to experience mindfulness and bring it into their lives in a useful way. About ten years ago, I was fortunate to stumble upon the concept of mindfulness. At first, there were very few practices I could get myself to do - I could not understand the point of a breath-based practice at all and certainly couldn't wrap my brain around sitting still for it! And with time, mindfulness crossed in and out of my life, over and over again, each time bringing with it new insights and ways of relating to myself and to the world around me. Finally, mindfulness began to stick. It started to become so obviously a helpful skill in relating to my emotions, getting myself to sleep, motivating myself through schoolwork, committing to hard work to live a life in line with my values, even relating to my mind and body. Now, with many years of mindfulness practice behind me, and b'ezras Hashem many more to come, I can safely say this stuff is good.

I have not only had the good fortune of feeling its effects in my life, but I've been able to share it with many frum women and girls and have been blown away by the ways in which it has impacted the people I've worked with. From regulating blood pressure to improving focus in schoolwork and just feeling more grounded and relaxed as a parent, mindfulness has profoundly impacted so many people I've shared it with. I knew it was time to share this timeless practice in a more accessible and sustainable way.

I am extremely committed to the spread of things that work within the frum community, and to that end founded The Mindful Woman. You deserve to have the profound impact of mindfulness in your life.

I am looking forward to being an important part of your journey.

You can always email me at DrK@TheMindfulWoman.org or reach out on the Contact page.

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