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If you're like most frum women, you're juggling a lot. Whether it's shidduchim, mothering, davening, really davening, another load of laundry, school, work, family life, shiurim, or planning the next meal, by the time you sit down to pick up your favorite Jewish magazine, you're zonked. Never mind that constant rattling going on in your mind - the to do list, what your sister actually meant in your last conversation, how you look in that new outfit...And now with current events impacting almost every part of your life, stressed out probably doesn't even cover it. Sometimes you're the mother you always hoped you'd be, but with two demanding your attention at once, you turn into "officer mom". And just thinking about that makes you cringe. 

You want to get off this roller coaster that has taken over your life, but if you take a look around you, it almost seems like this is normal. You're expected to do it all, and with a smile. You want to make a new normal for your life, and if you've gotten to experience mindfulness, you may be wondering if it could be the answer. Well, I can't promise it will be easy. I can tell you that a minute of mindfulness is a gift. Allow me to share that gift with you and see for yourself what an incredible impact it can have on your life.

There is so much research to share on the benefits of mindfulness. You can read more here. And I find that experience tells it all. Featuring online mindfulness coaching for frum women and girls, I make this timeless practice a part of your life in a meaningful and useful way. Schedule your 15-minute free consultation today.

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